Our faces are capable of making thousands of different expressions, so it’s no wonder that we can misinterpret them sometimes. With these pointers, you can clue in on several of the unspoken messages of facial expressions and clear up confusion—or stir up some of your own!

T17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_Furrow_200x200he Furrow

Picture yourself stewing over that complicated report at work or storming out of a theater after seeing a movie with a less-than-satisfying ending. Odds are your eyebrows were furrowed. When we are frustrated, confused, or in deep thought, our brows take a dive and leave onlookers thinking, “I better stay out of his way!”

The First Date17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_FirstDate_200x200

Do you remember your first date? You might not have noticed it at the time, but your date was probably blinking more than usual. And you probably were too. Sometimes when we get nervous, our eyes flutter up a storm. If you’re trying to come off cool and calm when you’re actually nervous about something, keep close tabs on how often you’re blinking.


17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_Freshman_200x200The Freshman

This look affects more than the sleepy college freshman. If you spy half-closed eyes or ones that are glazing over, you have identified “the freshman.” Eyelids that have trouble staying open most often mean that person is bored or just plain tired. It could also mean that they are simply staring down at a smartphone.


The Fawn17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_Fawn_200x200

This look connotes fear or intimidation. “The fawn” is similar to the fiesta except that it includes a dropped jaw and a good deal of screaming. Inspired by the “deer in the headlights” look, “the fawn” is probably one of the most easily recognizable looks on this list.

The Fibber17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_Fibber_200x200

Lying eyes are often hard to pin because the person wearing them is trying to appear as honest as possible and might be sending mixed messages because of it. To test this, look  for other body language tics, such as excessive fidgeting, constant covering of the mouth, and sweating.

17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_FibberFinder_200x200The Fibber-finder

The signature move of “the fibber-finder” is to narrow his gaze in a squint as he subtlety investigates the situation. Like “the fibber,” “the fibber-finder” can also confuse you by disguising his look. If you see intense, squinty eyes, that person just might be hunting out some dishonesty.


The Fiesta17233CM EnVison Newletter Images_July_Fiesta_200x200 (3)

This person’s eyes shine bright enough to light up a room! “The fiesta” requires attentive and glimmering eyes with no sign of sagging eyelids. If the party goes according to plan, this look should come naturally. You can find “the fiesta” anywhere people are having a good time together.

The next time you’re around a bunch of people, see how many of these looks you can find!

The content of this article is for general informational awareness purposes only. Please consult your eyecare doctor or physician for actual advice.