Spend less time and money at the grocery store and roll up your sleeves to make these DIY versions of some of your favorite foods. They may add a bit more time to your routine, but you’ll eliminate unnecessary fat, sugars, and unhealthy additives found in their store-bought counterparts.


Make your own batch of lemonade and customize the taste to your liking with extra ingredients, such as sliced ginger, sparkling water, or a hint of lavender. Who knows – if your batch turns out tasty enough, maybe it’s time to reestablish your childhood lemonade stand!
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Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce
Ditch the jarred tomato sauce by making your own. Prepping tomato sauce is surprisingly simple and only requires four (you heard that right – four!) ingredients: tomatoes, onion, butter, and salt. Add any additional spices to customize the taste and boil your noodles! You can even freeze any left overs for a super easy weeknight meal!
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Apple sauce
Make your own applesauce and bypass high fructose corn syrup and additional sugars. Apples are sweet enough on their own—and you can use any variety you choose (or a combination of varieties for extra dimension)! Mix in some other flavors too, such as cinnamon, strawberries, or pears for your own unique twist.
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Peanut Butter

Fresh made creamy Peanut Butter in a glassYou aren’t going to find a quicker-to-make DIY treat than peanut butter. Grab a food processor and a batch of dry roasted peanuts and you’re good to go! The best part about homemade peanut butter is that you can customize how chunky or smooth you want your batch. Mix it up with some honey or maple syrup.
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Finished delicious Pesto in a mortar - close
Pesto pairs well with almost every dish – from pasta to salad to grilled chicken. However, store bought pestos tend to have a lot of oil and fat. Create your own batch of pesto that only has 18 calories per serving! Add some pine nuts or walnuts for texture and some healthy fat, or substitute the basil for parsley. Get creative!
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Bowl of fresh hummus dip with pita bread slices
Did you know that chickpeas can lower cholesterol? Do you know what’s chockfull of chickpeas? Hummus! This easy-to-make spread has been shown to contain nutrients that help reduce your cancer risk, fight hunger cravings, and balance sugar levels.
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The purer and less sugary the ingredients in your food, the better chance you have of being healthy overall. And when your body’s healthy as a whole, your eyes are more likely to stay strong and sharp longer!

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