In our special edition in July, we asked you to submit your burning question to fashion maven, Diane von Furstenberg. We picked our favorite questions and sent them over to DVF herself. Check out what she had to say about fashion, technology, and her collaboration with Google. Supporting Content_sweepstakes_jumppage

Gail J-2

Gail J. from Buffalo Grove, IL
Fashion trends come and go but yours are classic and timeless, spanning 4 decades! How do you keep your pulse on what will continue to appeal to each generation? (My DVF sunglasses from the 70’s still draw so many compliments)

DVF: To give you an example, we recently re-launched my very first wrap dress. We kept the cut waist that flatters curvy women, and the swing of the skirt because that makes it fun to wear. We did make the collar and cuffs less exaggerated—everything was so big in the 1970s! The details always change, but comfort and fit are timeless.

Herbert J. from New York, NY
Despite looking undoubtedly smashing in either attire, if you had to choose only one for a cocktail party: black dress or DVF Made for Glass, which would it be?

DVF: I would have to say my DVF Made for Glass… I rarely wear black! I prefer prints and colors, which works well with our colorful frames.



Wendy W. from Allentown, PA
What was your inspiration for designing something that is so technology savvy, yet still trend-setting in the fashion industry? What steps were involved in the design process?

DVF: I always say: I am happy I am old enough to have gone to Studio 54 and young enough to use Instagram. I love technology and it is a big part of how I keep in touch with my friends around the world, and my office when I am traveling. So just like fashion, I feel technology is a part of life. Everything began when I met Sergey Brin, and both of our teams came together to make this happen.


Cheryl G. from Louisville, COCheryl on a ride
What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve taken an image of using your Google Glasses?

DVF: A runway show! When we launched Glass on the DVF runway, nobody had seen it before, and nobody knew what it was like to be a model on a runway, so we had them film the experience with Glass. It was a lot of fun.





Marianna P. from Trumbull, CT
It’s been close to two years since you partnered with Google in “one of the best inventions of 2012”.  How did that partnering come about and how important is it to you in “looking ahead” during your design process?

DVF: I was at the Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley when Sergey Brin approached me wearing Glass, which was still secret then. I was so amazed, and even more so when he called me to launch Glass on my runway. It was just a natural progression to collaborate together. I don’t try to look ahead—I follow my instincts and it leads me there. I knew Glass was going to be a very important invention!