It’s not every day that you put on your party makeup, and it can be a little intimidating to jump back in with a strong, holiday look. To help you and your makeup from going astray, here are 3 eye makeup mistakes you need to avoid.

Glitter Galore18925CM_EnVisionNewsletterNovemberImages_495x245_Glitter_1014

A little sparkle can go a long way, but overdoing it can be all too easy when you’re feeling festive. Halloween is over. Keep it classy for the cooler months and limit your shimmer to only two sections of your eye, max. Choose from:

  • Brow bone
  • Eyelids
  • Lashes
  • Lash line (eyeliner)

Shimmering eye shadow with a touch of sparkle on the lash line? You go girl. How about glimmering brow bones with a charcoal sparkle on your eyelids? Yes please. Sparkles and shimmers everywhere? No, thanks. Glimmer can be a beautiful thing, if you do it right.

Left-behind Lashes18925CM_EnVisionNewsletterNovemberImages_495x245_Lashes_1014

It’s unlikely that’s you’ll forget your lashes altogether, but there is such a thing as not paying them the attention they deserve. A big no-no is using cheap or old mascara. This leads to clumpy lashes, which look icky and can cause irritation. What you want are smooth, thick lashes. Invest in some new mascara and enjoy the benefits.

Another makeup party foul is crooked false lashes. The key here is practicing before you go out in public so your lashes don’t look lop-sided or start peeling off mid-party.

Lastly, if you’re going for the dark liner and smoky shadow look, either apply a generous amount of mascara or use false lashes. You want everything to look balanced, and over- or under-done lashes can throw off your whole look.

Eye Shadow Shenanigans18925CM_EnVisionNewsletterNovemberImages_495x245_Shadow_1014

Forgetting to apply eyelid primer can mess with your party vibe real quick. No matter how perfect your shadow may be when you apply it, if it ends up in creases, it was all for naught.

Perfect primer makes way for perfect shadow. Dramatic, smoky eye shadow is a holiday staple, and we want it to stay that way. Keep the tradition alive and well by blending, blending, blending. Grab a relatively big brush and take your time.

The capstone of well-crafted eye shadow is highlights. You don’t want to look like all you had to work with was a piece of coal. Accent your eyes with a light, shimmering shadow toward the inner part of your eyelid and underneath your eye, close to your tear duct.
If you manage to avoid disaster in these 3 areas of eye makeup, you’re well on your way to a stunning, holiday party look!


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