You’ve nailed the perfect night-on-the-town outfit for a bit of drama, mystery, and a mix of trendy yet retro. Now how can you achieve the same look with your makeup? Grab your eye liner and give the cat eye makeup technique a try. Here are 5 tips to perfect this dramatic look:

  1. Prep eye lids. Use an eye shadow primer or foundation on your eye lids to keep eye liner in place. Gently dust with a neutral shadow to set the primer to start your cat eye makeup.
  2. Focus on the flick. Make sure each flick at the outer end of the eyes is even and symmetrical. Lightly line your eye, as you normally would. Place a dot where you want the flick to end and connect the dot with the end of your natural eye liner. Try drawing an outline for the flick with a thin pencil, then fill each in with either liquid or gel liner for a seamless look.
  3. Use your lower lash line as a guide. Your cat eye makeup “wing” should be an extension of your lower lash line, so follow that angle as you create the flick. If you have round eyes, however, you may want to create a line that’s less angled—a straight line will look better.
  4. Look straight into the mirror. Don’t angle your head or pull at your eye lid while applying so you use the natural shape of your eye.
  5. Toned-down cat eye makeup. If you don’t want a harsh line, use a dark shadow to soften the look. Dip an angled eyeliner brush in water, and then dip it into the shadow. Start in the middle of the eyelid and work your way out to get the perfect flick—smudging it along the way. Then complete the line from the inner corner of the eye to where you started the flick.

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