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Last month, EnVision readers had the opportunity to submit their eyewear style questions to Tim Gunn, and there were tons of great questions! From fitting the perfect frames to specific face shapes, to questions about Transitions® Adaptive Lenses™ and fashion-forward tips—you asked, Tim answered. Here are several Q&A highlights:

Q: “How does one figure out the shape of their face for which frame style?”

Tim: The four basic face shapes are square, round, oval and heart-shaped. The best guideline is to choose a frame that is the opposite shape of your face.

  • An oval face is defined by balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. Round frames with some graphic punch and heft work best for this face shape.
  • A round face has a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. Square or rectangular frames look best for this face shape.
  • A heart-shaped face has a broader forehead and narrower jawline and chin. Round or oval frames look best, and if you’re daring, think cat-eye frame.
  • A square face is defined by strong, well-defined angles in the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Round frames look best with this face shape.

Q: “I’m leery of wearing hoop or drop earrings when I wear my glasses, and usually save those for when I wear my contacts. What are your thoughts on earrings with glasses?”

Tim: Your glasses are your most important accessory. However, sometimes you want to wear earrings or other accessories that compliment your frames without overpowering them. Tiny or short earrings tend to hide behind your glasses. If you want your earrings to stand out, you can try a longer pair. Dangly or tear drop earrings elongate your face and draw attention towards your neck and collarbone. What’s most important is to remember to always choose accessories that you feel the most comfortable wearing. Wear something that makes you feel confident.

Q: “If I do not want to notice the glasses on my face (or anyone else notice them) what style is best?”|

I always suggest choosing a pair of frames that fits your lifestyle. If you’re looking for frames that aren’t noticeable, I would suggest a pair of rimless frames like mine.

It’s also important to select lenses for your frames that can keep up with your lifestyle. For me, Transitions lenses were a natural fit.

Q: “I wore transitions many years ago and found that they did not darken enough to be good sunglasses and they stayed tinted far too long after coming indoors.  I am thinking of trying them again, but still have those concerns. Have they improved them so that I would not have the above problems now?”

Tim: Yes, absolutely! Transitions lenses are a highly advanced wearable technology that has made leaps and bounds the past few years. I find it fascinating that they automatically filter just the right amount of light, so you see everything the way it’s meant to be seen – I now see things more vivid, more vibrant and more true.

What I love most about Transitions lenses is that there are a variety of lens options to fit into your lifestyle. They come in a range of colors to complement your unique style and frame selection.

Q: “Are there “no-nos” in the fashion world for day vs evening frames?  I like that Transitions does just that — transitions from day to night, but that applies to the lens.  Are wire or metal frames the only appropriate choice for 12 hr + wear, or is it possible to put the lens in tasteful plastic frames?  Would that be an acceptable option for evening i.e.; going from the office to a cocktail party?”

Tim: I am a firm believer that you should choose frames that fit your unique style and allow you to feel comfortable and confident whenever you wear them. Personally, I think large plastic frames are ideal for all-day wear. They tend to be lighter than metal frames; therefore, they’re typically easy to wear all day long. Like Transitions lenses, tasteful plastic frames can work from day to night as well.

With Transitions lenses, you can also choose between a variety of lens colors to compliment your frames. Transitions lenses are available in gray, brown and graphite green to complement your personal style.

Q: “I have a round face and I need to get new glasses this year, so I would like some suggestions on frame shapes and what is on trend/popular in frames for my face shape.  I only buy glasses about every 4 years and consider them a fashion investment–I cannot wear contact lenses, so if I must wear glasses they have to be cute!  I would appreciate any thoughts Tim might have–thank you!”

Tim: A round face is defined by a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. I would suggest square or rectangular frames for this face shape. Vintage square frames are always a hot trend, since they have a timeless appeal that compliments almost any look.

Some other trends to consider include the browline, which are frames that emphasize the brow with an exaggerated straight edge. You can also consider frames in shades of blue, which come straight off the heels of the latest fashion week. These are frames that come in a variety of blue hues and are a nice alternative to stark black frames. Finally, wood grain frames are made with natural elements in a wood grain matte finish. These are a nice look and are usually made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for Tim! And remember, the next time you visit your eye doctor, think about these fashion eyewear tips like what frames best fit your facial features and lifestyle. Plus, look into getting Transitions lenses: they’ll fit virtually any frame, and they’re available in a variety of colors, including gray, brown and graphite green, to complement your personal style.

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