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February: What are you looking forward to in 2017? “Living longer! Which I will achieve by visiting my grandchildren who I love; exercising regularly; eating a proper diet; listening and smiling; and practicing ‘less is more.'” -Feb. Reader of the Month

March: What do you like most about EnVision? “EnVision is a great mix of marketing content, health and wellness information, and general interest. It’s well-written and well-designed.” -David D., Massachusetts

April: What’s your favorite eye-healthy food? “My favorite eye-healthy food is carrots. I eat them raw, and love them as quick healthy snacks during the day. Use them in salads, carrot cake recipes, take on picnic lunches, drink carrot juice, mix with raisins in carrot salad, and like to grill them in summer months.” -James B., California

May: What’s the best thing you’ve seen this week? “The best thing I have seen this week is everything! We all take the gift of sight for granted, but being able to see all the beautiful colors outdoors, neighbors helping neighbors, parents and children playing in the park, and all the good left in humanity is the greatest thing to see. If we truly open our eyes there is truly goodness and beautiful things to see every minute of everyday!” -Jason S., South Dakota

June: What do you love most about your eye doctor? “I love the way my eye doctor relates to me not only as a patient, but almost like a member of his family. I feel that he gives me the same professional and gentle care that he would give his own mother. He takes the time to explain everything about the eyes and I have learned so much from him that I’d never known before. We also talk about our families and I always enjoy my visits. He takes very good care of my eyes and I would recommend him to my family and friends. I trust him completely!” -Patricia B, Texas

July: What are you most excited about for summer? “I am excited for more hours of sunlight each day and time to spend outdoors after work with family and friends. The simple things always seem to be the best, and I love grilling healthy foods in the backyard, going on hikes, reading outside, and just being with those people who mean the most to me. Our winters can be harsh in Indiana, so I love the summer months and try to make the most of each and every day! -Shayna C., Indiana

August: What’s your advice for back-to-school season? “If your child has had or in the future has problems with reading, writing and arithmetic, or any other school activity, consider vision training. As a teacher I would poll my classes on the task of shifting focus from desk top to front of room and back, and I found that 1/30 had problems with rapid accommodation.” -August Reader of the Month

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